1. Peeps

    Wi CDAC

    Wisconsin hunters make sure you go online and fill out the CDAC survey for your area. The public comment period is now open. They might not listen but it’s worth a try to give them your opinion on this years purposed antlerless numbers.
  2. bueller

    Fall 2017 Wisconsin CDAC Meetings

    Back in 2014 Wisconsin transitioned to a County Deer Advisory Council. Three year goals for each county were identified as either INCREASE, MAINTAIN, or DECREASE. For the first time since these initial goals were set these determinations are being revisited. Also the adjustment of zone...
  3. bueller

    WI guys, deer metrics now available

    There is a new deer metrics system available on the dnr website. I've been playing around with it a little bit. Much of the info is stuff I've seen before in one place or another, but some of it is new to me. This is supposedly the info provided to the CDAC's before they make their...
  4. j-bird

    Calling Hoosier deer hunters!!!

    Indiana DNR and Indiana Whitetailed Deer Herd Mangement group are kicking off a pilot program called County Deer Advisory Councils. This is very similar to what Wisconsin does in an effort to get stakeholder input.....including hunters, into managing the deer numbers in the various counties...
  5. gwm

    2016 WI Spring CDAC Meetings

    For those that are interested, the 2016 spring CDAC meetings are a couple weeks away.
  6. bueller

    Wisconsin- 2015 preliminary quota recommendations

    You can now view the preliminary antlerless quota recommendations for each county for the 2015 hunting season on the WI DNR website. Follow this link, click your county on the map, and open "2015 preliminary quota recommendation". You can also voice your approval or disapproval by clicking on...
  7. Terrific_tom

    CDAC Meeting Tonight

    I went to the Manitowoc County CDAC meeting tonight. Talk about a farce dreamed up by the DNR, this has to be one of their biggest. They try to tell you in one sentence that the DNR has no control over the board but it was the DNR that picked the people sitting on board. Also the DNR forester...
  8. wiscwhip

    WI Guys.....CDAC 2nd round of meetings this week

    To any WI guys who can get out to their local meetings this week(mine is tonight in La Crosse Co and Juneau Co is tomorrow night, but I don't think I will make it to Juneau), check out the DNR website for the meeting times in your respective counties. This round of meetings will preliminarily...