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New ones to me


5 year old buck +

Was up north over the weekend, very dry but did see some different shrooms that I don’t think I’ve seen before.
Some were taller with fringes on them, some red/orange ones like from Alice in Wonderland and some puff ball looking ones that I don’t think were puff balls..brownish and heavy.

Also lots of small orange toad stool looking ones with gills under them.


5 year old buck +
Not similar with the top two, never seen them in WI. The bottle one is called a shaggy mane. They are very good eating but they expire within hours. Turn into a black ink glob,so you need to cook them up soon after picking.


5 year old buck +
Top one sure looks like a puffball to me. Bottom one, Shaggy Mane, as ruskbucks said. Middle one... IDK.