Wisconsin Gun Opener

My brother and nephew each shot a buck this morning, my son and I didn’t even see a deer. It was pretty windy, I could barely see 75 yards across my food plot at times. But I was nice and toasty in my deer shack. We came in mid morning and we did some maintenance on my sons truck, plugs, oil change, differential service, and tires. Will probably do a transmission service as well. Probably not very scent free after doing all that, but with 20 mph winds and higher gusts, I only have one side of my stand windows open anyhow.
9am. Chasing a doe. Saw 4 in the morning. 7 in the pm. Mainly does.

In stand since first light.doe and 2 fawns right away.she looked decent but too far and moving so no shot.
Temps suck, wind sucks hopefully this is worth it!!
Saturday & Sunday were tough hunts. Very high winds on saturday and really cold in the single digits. Saw plenty of does and a few small bucks but activity was low. Saw 2 mature bucks locked on does and they bedded down with the does before a shot opportunity. Neighbors reported the same thing. I though we had perfect conditions with 3-4" of snow on the ground. Pretty sure bucks are in lock down mode which hopefully will change mid week.
Nothing worth shooting here either. I had a couple 8 points cruising at nights, but nothing during daylight
Heading back over tomorrow. Saw lots of deer opening weekend just nothing I wanted to shoot. Had my son with me so I was hoping he would get one. He elected to pass the bucks he saw so they could get bigger for next year. I sat in a tree up on a knob Saturday and it was brutal. Weather looks great for the ready of the season.
I couldn't help but think of the drinking comments in this thread that one can only hope were in jest when I read stuff like shown in the below two links. Shameful. Don't put up with sloppy, bullshit firearm handling out there folks!