What's for dinner?


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Venison tenderloin wrapped in bacon. Soaked in milk overnight.




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I made duck tenders like that the other night, but I made a sauce to go over it, with : soy, garlic, ginger, brown sugar .

Sometimes we will deep fry duck like that then stir fry it into peppers and onions with teriyaki and serve over dirty rice.


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This little bugger pruned his last nanking cherry in the home orchard.
Couldn't resist the free carrot in a live trap.

Someday isle

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Smoked eye of round for French dip sandwiches. Cooked to 125 degrees internal temp and sliced thin. Added a little Italian beef seasoning for au jus. And of course some grilled peppers for my wife.


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Deer stew. Not much to look at, but holy cow it's good. Added a lot of wild mushrooms, some sunchokes from my garden, and diced fat cap from a 3-lb. chunk of prosciutto I bought.


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That stir fry looks awesome


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I shot a bear last fall on the bear opener in MN. I took my bear meat out the other day and started thawing it out. Yesterday morning I started cutting it all up and decided to pressure can the majority of it. I was able to get 34 pint jars of meat. I added 1/2 tsp pink Himalayan sea salt and 1/4-1/2tsp of Better than Bullion to my jars. It turned out AMAZING!!!

Made myself a couple baked potatoes in the air fryer this evening. Then I warmed up a jar of bear meat in a sauce pan for about 8 mins. I mashed the baked potatoes and add a little butter. Then I poured the canned bear meat on top, added just a touch of sour cream and fried onions to the edge and topped it off with some Franks red hot buffalo sauce...... Words cant describe how good that was, and EASY as hell....... These jars wont last long!



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Youngest son has been ice fishing the last few days, he made us fish tacos tonight with fresh crappies.