What type of oak


5 year old buck +
This is at my wife's uncles house I could pick up 10 5 gal buckets of these easily if anyone wants some.

I am torn if this is a Northern Red or a Pin oak.

Thats what leads me to believe sumpin else?
Not a northern red.
Definitely Pin or Black but how the heck do you decipher?
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Kinda what I was thinkin Mtn man. Can we get this motion seconded? :)
What size cup? Thats personal.....

I could sure but not for a few days could I post that.
Do the lower branches of the tree point down towards the ground? That's what I look for to help ID a Pin.
Definitely Post or Black but how the heck do you decipher?

Definitely not a post oak. Post oaks are a white oak therefore they don't have the bristles on the end of the leaf lobes.
Not according to that field guide, look at the post oak on that
That's not a Post Oak leaf. Lobes are way too pointy.
The comment was meant to say Pin not Post as the whole conversation stated.
My bet would be pin oak.
Looks more like a black oak to me - acorn seems too long to be a pin?