Possible hybrid red oak q falcata x ?


Yearling... With promise
Located this red oak today while bow hunting. What caught my attention was all the different shaped leaves on the ground. It was the only oak for at least 50 yards in any direction.

Acorns bear a strong resemblance to q. Falcata (southern red oak), of which there is a very heavy population in the area. This specific location has tons of willow oak q. Phellos as well. Water oaks are very rare in my area (southside VA) as are shingle oaks.

All leaves are from the same tree. Notice there are leaves turning both yellow (primary willow oak fall color, and red which some falcatas turn). I know there can be differences in shade leaves and sun leaves, but these are all over the place.

Bark above 10ft strongly resembles a younger willow oak. The bottom bark is a little distorted due to a burn this spring. The bark definitely doesn’t resemble a southern red oak.

Hoping you guys could weigh in with any opinions.


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