What The Hell Is With The NFL?



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National Felons League
Evidently money doesn't buy happiness!
The looks of the story is that he just spanked his son. That's what it "looks" like. We'll have to wait until the serious media (TMZ) uncovers what really happened. What is funny is that the Vikings are saying they aren't sure what happened, but acknowledge they've known for weeks. If my star running back was about to get Ray Riced, you bet your bottom dollar I'd be asking:

"What the hell happened?"

How tough of an investigation was that?

This is why I don't even watch pro sports except the real stuff like WWE wrestling.
Bringmethenews.com called it child "injury." I thought it was pretty universally known as child "abuse" when anyone else did it. Always interesting to watch the wagons circle when this happens to a high profile person.
The real problem is that these elite athletes are coddled and pampered their entire lives. It starts in JV games. When a player shows real promise of being outstanding he starts to get away with everything. Some coach or school official starts covering for them. Every time they mess up someone takes care of it. They are never taught that their actions have consequences. We all know it goes on and we all sit around and say nothing until it all hits the fan. Every one of us has seen this start in Little League or JV football or track. Hell, some of us were recipients of it in our youth. Then, if you don't live up to the promise expected of us, they throw us away and find some other kid with potential. It's been going on as long as their has been sports in schools. And it always will. What he did, if it is as bad as it seems, was wrong. But each one of us that roots for our home team is partially responsible for it. My sons were physically threatened because they were more interested in hunting with dad than playing high school football. I was threatened for not forcing them to play. I made a decision to never follow HS, college or pro sports. Other than golf, I have no idea who these players in the news are. I have no interest in them. But, we are part of the problem. We asked for it.
it is pretty pathetic what they get away with, no way in hell they should be treated any differently than you or I. I'll go further in saying they should be held to a higher standard, and punished at the full extent, no minimum sentences, full terms, max fines... with a complete list of offenses that not only can your season, but void your contract completely. when your Jail time is up, suspension is over, you can negotiate a new contract, if anyone wants your lazy ass that has just sat in jail for ten years. These thugs need to realize that if they screw up, their life as they know it is over. Watch how quick it stops after a few get their gravy train taken away the rest of them straighten up.
my only points to this whole Ray Rice thing is.

1. When he was suspended for "spousal abuse" from the NFL , what did the NFL think happened?? Did they think spousal abuse means he just gave her a "love tap"?
2. Now that the video has "surfaced" and everyone got to see what happened they are APPALLED AS TO HIS ACTIONS? If anyone asked me then what happened and how I would picture it, IT'S EXACTLY HOW I THOUGHT IT WENT DOWN AND MAYBE A LITTLE BIT LESS VIOLENT!! But, once the video emerges everyone jumps on board! It's sickening.
3. The NFL, The Baltimore Ravens, should be ashamed of their previous actions as it clearly shows they have fricking clue what domestic violence is all about!!!

Ray Rice was guilty in my mind since it went down, I didn't need a video to see it. Was I shocked, NOPE! Roger Goodell.. first to step down, Raven's organization should clean house.
I'll take it a step further, if proof is found that they saw the video as far back as they say they did, suspend the whole dam team., fire the coach.... no limits on the wrath for condoning the action. Just like the punishing that the military get in training, one guy screws up they all run in the mud and rain for hours.
The nfl is worse than the nba. Here is my little saying: you can take the thug outa the hood but not the hood outta the thug. What else do you expect out of the sec. I hope the nfl collapses hahaha
I realize they are just people too, but damn! It's easy to see where this country puts its emphasis - we have under funded school systems and yet pay people millions to play a game!
The NFL & NBA are supplying what the public wants ... over stimulated thyroid & steroid cases going to war on game day ... the owners & the league have been covering up the problem for 40 years ...

If you are upset cause you finally saw the video and now realized this ... you are a fool ... I am not sure where the problem lies ... the players or the fu$%-up women that enable this behavior ...
Spud - you forgot MLB - they just got caught already and had to face the music! Then in Braun's case was welcomed back with open arms after being found guilty and suspended for 'roid use. They (owners, coaches, and players alike) simply destroyed an entire era of baseball. I think it's F'd up that per the MLB players association agreement - the first positive test result only results in more testing (WTF)! It takes a 2nd positive test result for the MLB to do anything. It's all about money, money, money - and now it's filtering into the college sports as well.
These are bad and terrible situations. However there are 1,696 players in the NFL and two recently have issues and that means the whole NFL be damned. Seems like people and the media overreact too much.

Are there thugs in the NFL? Yes. Are the majority thugs or even bad people? No.
Yah, like jerry Sandusky?.........oh never mind!:rolleyes:

I understand you don't like the NFL or I think football for that matter. But judging the masses by the few isn't right either. Just like gun control people judging all gun owners for the select few that go bad. Or Anti-hunters judging all hunters based on the minority few that are poachers
I agree with your statements about most of them being great people. My issue is that many of these problem children have been so their entire careers and are known thugs. But, for the GOOD of the TEAM, they ignore it until it finally hits the press. Once they are forced to own up to it, it is more about damage control for their "image" than doing anything about it in the first place. Same as drug testing. They try to hide everything for the almighty dollar and championship rings. Once the player is caught red handed and it makes the press, they want to hang him. The "team" never takes responsibility for the actions of it's thugs, in fact, most of the time they try to spin it so "they" are the victim.