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5 year old buck +
I thought it would be a cool spot for people to post some photo's from their deer stand! I have always liked to see some of the cool set-ups people are hunting out of. Natures finest is always fun to look at! I will start...

Over Looking a Brassica plot from a White Oak tree.



Awesome guys, totally jealous. Thanks for sharing.
stand1.JPG stand3.JPG
pic outta one of my ladder stands. Turnips, radish and sugar beets ....with clover trails leading to this long, narrow, plot in the pines.
I'll have to take a few pics tomorrow when I go hunting.

Not to change the subject but I have to ask. Tom what kind of broadhead are you using with the 10pt, looks like a Rage?
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I'll have to take a few pics tomorrow when I go hunting.

Not to change the subject but I have to ask. Tom what kind of broadhead are you using with the 10pt, looks like a Rage?

Those are Grim Reapers. "watch 'em drop". (I hope)
image.jpg This is a clover plot at the end of a deep 3/4 mile ravine. From here the deer go to a larger plot, or a 5 acre field.
One of favorite spots. I've never killed a buck here. It's hard to hunt I need a SSE wind to even try which is hard to come by most good days in the fall. Nice brushy thicket between the bigger timber and A big ag field.

Oops my arrow is upside down.

This is from a few weeks ago, button buck with some faint spots hung around for a few minutes. Momma seemed to be just off in the woods where the fawn kept looking and finally went.

I like this spot, new 1/4 plot surrounded by large oaks and off the NW corner of a 15 acre field. 60 acres of black spruce and tamarack to the north and then some aspen islands in the swamp. Should be a good funnel spot for the rut and also early season once the deer population is higher.

most of my bow hunts are in woods with acorns dropping.

This is same stand as above.
Bill - I can see why you like that spot. It looks like it would STINK with deer! I love that brushy stuff.

BJE80 - the first pic in post #2 above is why I love to bow hunt. Even if you see no deer, sights like those colors make the tree stand sit worth every minute. And the smells of fall! Can't get that from a T.V. Thanks for the pix!
My Son hass passed many good bucks this week. Here's tonights nice one.View attachment 2434

You've got a lot to pick from. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get an 8th of what you see, once I get my property set up right. That doe from last year was a horse.
Bow stand view ... hard to see, but there is a nice 10 point buck on the far end of food plot .. just outside of bow range ...
NW Corner.jpg

We call this bow stand the Cathedral ....

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2 man pan resized.jpg This is one of myfavorite stands - killed 2 125+ classbucks from this stand and several does. It's a 2 man variety and I like to take my girls to this stand in the nicer weather as well. Sorry the pic quality sucks, but his is nearly a 180 degree pan. In the distance you see a wooded tree line (mostly boxelder, hackberry, ash but some nice chinkapins and NRO (I have a stand overthere as well for a different wind directoin) that follows the contour. Between the trees and the plot in CRP (mostly broadleaf weeds) - will be enhanced with NWSG this coming year. The plot has a clover/chicory area on hleft side with 3 apple trees in it (non-bearing age), the weaker area of the plot is my annual section this year it is turnips, radish, wheat, rye and AWP. I am in a tree line that follows a decent stream and the streambank behind me is too steep for the deer to come across, so they tend to come from the right side in the photo around the bend in the stream where it is easier to cross. We hunt this stand with both archery and gun. You see the wind goin down in the west in this view. Ihave a designated sanctuary area offto the left and 300 yards away as well.
Really nice view you have there spud!
What we call our ridge plot.

IMG_20140921_180650478 (2).jpg
And a couple small bucks from same plot.

Really nice view you have there spud!

Jbird ... thank you! Sometimes the fall colors are so intoxicating that I forget that I am there to hunt ... :)

Looks like you have a great spot to enjoy time with your daughters ...
Not from a stand, but from my little hidden spot in the to the the alfalfa

Works great, deer get very closeCorn photo.jpg