Tree guys question???

Jordan Selsor

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How cool do seedlings have to stay to go into winter dormancy? My buddy an I have a handful of trees that we would like to store over winter an plant this spring. We hoped to store them in his garage which is heated an deosnt get any cooler than 50 degrees. Heat is kicked up when we are out their reloading, bs'n etc... Will our oaks go into dormancy if we kept them on the cool concrete under a shelf in the dark in this garage?
Doubt it.

I'm not positive, but I think soil temps need to be in the low 40's.

You might be able to get a chest freezer cheap and keep them in that.
If you do it and it works let us know
I have zero direct experience, but I'd think lack of light would be more of a determining factor than temperature...I'd leave them outside until they go dormant, then move inside. Shouldn't be a problem in MO I'd think. You will probably need to water them at least every few weeks in such a situation though.
I did this in my garage last winter but it stays cooler than his. I watered lightly once a month or so
If you do it and it works let us know
Lol don't plan to gamble. To much work has been put into these lil trees. Will put them in the ground if need be.
That would be my suggestion

I am sure your Free Time is pretty limited, but I would second that. I would worry that your trees would break dormancy at some point in the middle of winter and make even more work for you.
I would put them in the ground and protect them from browsing (deer, rabbits, etc.). make sure the roots have good soil contact all around and no air pockets.