Training and Staking


5 year old buck +
I have a lovely 3rd leaf Zestar! (G.30) tree in my yard at home.

Here's a picture of the tree back in January. Up until now I just had a little piece of conduit to help guide my leader up.

Today I pulled the conduit and replaced with an 8' heavy duty t-post. Tree's on G.30 should be supported their whole life. I expect to see my first fruit this year on this tree so I figured now is the time to get that stake in and be done with it.
I also took the time to put a few clothes pins on. I like to get them on pretty early but you do have to be careful not to break any buds off. I put the pin right above the bud, and once that branch starts growing, if it tries to go upward the clothespin will redirect it outward. Since these trees are in my yard I check these all the time (sometimes daily) and re-adjust as needed.

Thanks for the pictorial Ed. Will be stealing some of the wife's clothespins :D. I have space for 5 more trees on my trellis next year and one will be a Zestar! on B9 rootstock.