TOTC: Parallels To Deer Issues Today?


5 year old buck +
You give ten times what you ever take off your property, sometimes far more than that even. Whenever I think about the frustrations around my property, this concept keeps popping into my head. The video below is quite long. If you get through the first three minutes, you'll get the gist of it.

The tragedy of the commons has a step progression:

1. It'd be great if we shared everything (public land, generous tag allotments), so we do.
2. Everyone takes all they are entitled to. Overharvest leads to decimation. Early harvest stifles potential.
3. Now we wallow in ruin.
4. (What happens next determines whether we settle or change)

My point is not to start a private vs public land debate, but rather bring some economics to light to offer an explanation of why the herd is where it is, and why it's unlikely to change. This is beyond access and tags. It's about habitat management and predator management, as well as harvest management.