This weekend


5 year old buck +
Spent the weekend, ripping, plowing, and rolling 13 acres of plots that we sprayed with Roundup last month. Plan is to now let crabgrass and wild ryegrass germinate and begin growing, spray to kill all that in late August, then drill wheat and rye into the thatch. On a ryegrass eradication mission over the next two to three years on these plots.
Does the rye grass come back even after spraying with no tillage?
We're about to find out. I did all that work today to make sure I have a good, smooth seedbed to begin a no-plow program. The seed that is there will germinate because of the disturbance, then we'll see how it goes. I am planting wheat or rye only so that I can nuke it and any more volunteer ryegrass in the spring, follow with no-till beans in the early summer, then back to no-till rye or wheat in the Fall. Should break the cycle eventually.

I do know I was worn out from two 12-hour days on a tractor!