There's a storm brewin


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Was just visiting another site where several members were banned. It appears their ban period is up. But from what I saw they may get banned again for stating facts. Oh well, it will only make this place stronger.
Stu just leads me down the path. He has trouble maker written all over him. ;)

They can ban....but they cannot cover the truth. Lots of folks have defected from the way they do things at the "other" site. I cannot stand by and let them "win" with erroneous methods and beliefs. It just goes against my grain. Sorry if that offends anyone. :)

Like has been said: " I aint pretty when I'm mad". :D
Just a short spring downpour
Hell hath no fury like an unhappy deer hunter. ;)
You have been banned for the following reason:

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

^^^ Well.....I guess they still cannot take any criticism.
I got to stay away from troublemakers. Had to add my two cents......

Maybe we should taper off so we do not corrupt this forum.

I am serious, guys.

Let's keep this forum peaceful and not make John's job difficult. John is doing a great job!

You can read how I feel, elsewhere.
Well.....they can ban....but they STILL have never had an active branch in Pequot Lakes MN. If that statement gets you banned for life....then screw 'em.
Minnesota – Engaged in discussion with the QDMA State Chapter and the DNR regarding reduced deer densities in the state. Encouraged the QDMA State Chapter to urge the DNR to establish a published deer management plan that includes items such as deer density goals and monitoring techniques

Wow Kip....Powerful message! What a joke!

I kind of thought it was the other way around...QDMA local and state chapter urged QDMA national to engage the MNDNR on reduced deer densities around the state?
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I don't think the state chapter has done diddly squat. Some local chapters did indeed push national to do something...anything....

Either way that is some serious spin they have going on in the Legislative Update page.
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Are those seriously the messages received when you get banned "over there"? Seems a bit
"When the flag of criticism flies high above your head for all to see and you have no real answers, your only recourse is toot your own horn loud enough to distract their attention from the issues at hand." - Me
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Whip Don't you know Mt. Dew is bad for you, switch to Dr. Pepper. :):)
I'll go with no comment on the QMDA. Don't want to curse here.
A man sometimes has to call it like he sees it, consequences be d*mned.
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Too many folks make comments over there and "banned" will appear under lotsa names o_O
But Stuart, they have their highest membership ever and they are doing hundreds of things to improve deer management throughout the country and then there is this.....

The success of the recent North American Whitetail Summit is just the latest achievement in a list of new accomplishments. Conceived and organized by QDMA, the first-ever Whitetail Summit attracted more than 200 leaders from throughout the whitetail industry who helped identify challenges facing the future of deer hunting and management. Many also called on QDMA to create and spearhead a national deer coalition to serve as the unified voice of all deer hunters and guardian of North America’s wild deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. “I am pleased to say we have willingly accepted this challenge and will soon be unveiling the largest and most significant deer coalition ever established,” said Murphy.

TOOT! TOOT!:rolleyes:
He who has the gold makes the rules. Sound like our gobermant?
I feel as though if I said my DPSMI densities for my areas you all would ban me. :confused: