The Hunt for the 15 inch Crappies

Steve Oehlenschlager

5 year old buck +
We unfortunately fell short. The biggest were 14 1/2 inches. Almost every one was over 13 inches. This lake produces some monsters! Nothing like sight fishing monster Crappies. Next week weather permitting it will be the hunt for 11 inch Bluegills. Yes there in there too!DSC_0061.JPG
Those will make the frying pan stink though. Me love to eat crappie.
The lake is within 100 miles of Winnibigosh if that's close enough for you!
I love crappie fishing but those gills are a better fillet. I fill the freezer with perch all winter so I don't keep many crappies and gills, but they are a blast to catch.
Looks like you got into some good ones!! Must have been "area lake".
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Nice fish. :)
Couple brothers and me got into the crappies in Northern Wisconsin this past week. Lots of fun.
I did 32 casts on Saturday morning for 25 fish. 22 were 11.75" and 3 were 12.5"
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Some nice looking crappies. All ways nice when you can catch a bunch.