The Front 12

Way to go, Pat!! He's def. a keeper. Spread about 16" to 18" I'm guessing?? Pretty symmetrical too. I'm happy that you got him at your place after doing habitat work. Enjoy that venison and please post some pics when he's mounted!! Now it's Dad's turn!! Best of luck to him.
Thanks. He was just shy of 19” inside. Raining today. Dad might just sit on the camp porch. I’ll probably go out and walk for him a bit late morning.
Been meaning to add this sequence of videos I got earlier in the year of the buck I eventually killed in rifle season. I bet I have 40 pics or videos of this buck. He was the first buck that came back two years in a row. Just a cool sequence of him chasing a doe around Halloween. I love when he's standing there and you can see his breath.
Cool sequence, Pat!!
First ever plum. Not quite ripe. A little tart but it's the first thing I've been able to pick at my place. A historic day.

Good progress Pat.
I did have to hack a bunch of limbs with black knot off again this summer. I forgot to spray it this spring. I need to write that down so I don't forget again
Got my mount back today. Really pleased with it. Especially for $300. Never noticed he had a bit of a double throat patch. Family friend/taxidermist said it's really rare and people pay big bucks for those capes. I think it was Native who said his was missing a bunch of hair on the brisket. Mine was too. Glad he got his genes into the pool before I got him.
He's a beaut!! Looks to be 19" wide or so??
He's a beaut!! Looks to be 19" wide or so??
Ya I think he was just shy of 19". If I remember right.
No luck at my place yet this year but I just got back from the West Virginia Rutcation. A great trip as always. Love going down and hanging out with the guys for a week. As per usual the weather was unpredictable. Wednesday evening I sat in a blind in a T-shirt because it was 70 and Friday morning it snowed 2-3 inches. Ended up shooting my biggest buck ever down there. I'm pretty sure the same buck walked right under me in the morning but when he stopped at 15 yards the hemlock branches were sagging down from the snow and covered his entire body. At 3 pm I saw him again cross a woods road about 50 yards above me and circle around to the doe and fawn that were in front of me. He came in grunting and up through a small ditch. I drew back as he came in expecting him to start chasing the doe and ended up in a standoff with him facing directly at me. Finally he turned quartering towards me.

I almost got the shot on camera. About 2 seconds too late. I'll put up the video of it but I got him running at the shot and the video ends as he's starting to stagger.

hunt 1.jpghunt 5.jpghunt 3.jpghunt 4.jpgWV Buck.jpghunt 6.jpghunt 2.jpg
He was a mainframe 8 with some junk on the bases.

Great looking buck, Pat!! Nice going.