Suburban buck down


5 year old buck +
I managed to pull my season out of the crapper today. After 6 weekends of only seeing two deer I decided to hunt the opener of our southern tier shotgun season behind my house. I have a stand a couple hundred yards behind my house which I had not sat in yet this year. This is a 60 acre lot that sits between developments. It holds a lot of deer until gun season opens then they move to bigger grounds. It has a lot of hunting on the other side. I was shooting the first thing bigger than a fawn that came by. I was pleased to cross four sets of fresh tracks on the way to my stand. I was sitting for 5 minutes when this guy came by. 50 yard shot and a 200 yard drag. Of coarse this prompts my wife to say "I guess you don't need to hunt at camp any more". I know most on here wouldn't shoot this deer but he is a trophy to me, and a tasty one at that. image.jpgMy pup wanted in the pic. I let her trail the drag marks through the yard.
Congrats! If he is a trophy to you that's all that matters.
He will be tasty
Thats great! fresh meat!
Congrats Chummer.
Congrats. A trophy is defined by the hunter who harvests it and nobody else!
Congrats Chummer! If I see that buck, I too will be shooting this year. No doe tags issued in my area this season to speak of(550 or so total for the unit), so bucks like that are free game after going 3 years with no venison. In other seasons it would get a pass, but not this go-around.
I envy you sir chum.

I would like to be tagged out and done myself.
You can't eat the tag. Congrats
Congrats, Chummer! You got more than I did this archery season. Enjoy the good eatin' !!!