Spypoint BF-6


Had the itch to buy a new trail camera and finally enter the world of black flash. Shopped around and ended up ordering a spypoint bf-6 from eders. They had it on sale for $104, cost me $116 shipped to my door. Anybody have any experience with this model? I've had a 4mp spypoint for a couple years that I've been very happy with.
Got my new toy in the mail today and had to see what all the black flash hype is about. Set it to video mode in the pitch dark garage and triggered it. I was able to see a very faint dark red glow. Much less than the standard infrared model I have though. I tried to take a photo of the glow with my phone and was shocked at what I saw in the viewfinder :eek:. Try it when you have a chance. Makes you wonder what all these trail cameras really look like through the eyes of a deer :confused:.

I'll post a review of the camera in a couple weeks.
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How is the night range and clarity?
How is the night range and clarity?
Don't really know yet. I should have some pictures to post next week.
I really do not have experience with them, go to trailcampro.com for reviews...

My favorite is the Covert
bueller how has this spypoint cam been so far
bueller how has this spypoint cam been so far
I like it. I initially had it on a food plot but was less than impressed with the range of the flash. I moved it to a waterhole in a wooded setting. The range seemed to increase. I think the backdrop of the foliage "lights up" the photos more increasing the range of the flash and providing better nighttime photos.
I don't have any others handy at this moment but here is a daytime photo from this camera.

Not bad ehh. I got some cabelas points and these have been catching my eye as they seem to have pretty solid reviews for a budget cam
To test out black flash on this camera I mounted it on the same tree as a cheap wildgame innovations IR camera. Notice how much darker the black flash picture is. After seeing this I moved the black flash to a wooded setting and the brightness and range was much better. Unfortunately because none of the new photos were worth storing I deleted them after viewing them. I won't be checking me cams for another couple weeks but will post some night photos from this camera when I do.

PICT0009.jpg WGI_0005.jpg
Motion blur is an issue at night, but not during the daytime.