Spray potion


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I was talking with my dad today about the prospect of having sedge grass in my plot space up north. I was unable to find sedge hammer quickly enough to get it shipped to me. He suggested I try to dilute into water some of my ammonium sulfate to add to my glyphosate mix when I spray.

Anyone tried it? Anyone got a recipe for a per gallon mix?
I've been reading some more. I found a label for Growmark Liquid AMS. They said their concentrate will provide 3.4lbs of AMS per 100 gallons. If I work back from that, it seems like a spoonfull per gallon may do the trick. I wonder if I can just put a couple spoons into a water bottle and shake it up till it's dissolved and then add that to my sprayer tank?
I ran down to the truck and mixed some up in a bottle and it dissolved with about 15 seconds of shaking. Given that my AMS came off a pile at the coop, I'll be sure to pour through a papertowel to ensure I don't get my sprayer clogged up. I'm hoping this gives me the edge to knock down whatever it is that I'm trying to clear for my plot.
I hear ya. I think at best I've got a decent plan B that should really knock out the weeds as long as it's not sedge. That's where the pray comes into my plan. If it is sedge, I'll have to take it on the chin for now and come back with sedge hammer later.