Sorghum Sudan/Pea Plot


5 year old buck +

I checked on my plot and was pleasantly surprised to see an endless amount of pea pods forming. The deer have even started to eat on the plant and pods and I couldn't stop eating them, they are delicious. I'm thinking this will be a good food source going into winter as it should stand above the snow. They are almost to my waist.
I threw a full bag of forage peas in my drill and then mixed a third of a bag of sorghum sudan into it. I ran the drill until it ran out of seed. This was my first time planting with a drill so I had no clue what I was doing.
Keep us posted on how that combo works later this fall !!!! Sounds good.
I may just pick the peas for myself;) They tasted just like garden peas. I can't believe the deer haven't just hammered them.
Cool stuff. Is that a forage sorghum then?
Cool stuff. Is that a forage sorghum then?
I believe it is a forage sorghum but I think it's the same as EW.