Shot placement question

If the deer has the close leg extended forward, like when taking a step, this is poor advice. Maybe OK otherwise....Maybe.

this could easily confuse inexperienced hunters.

I'll keep doing what I do.
I know where the heart and lungs are and aim for them accordingly for the angle involved, be it height, coming or going at any angle.
Irresponsible article imo. Aim for the opposite forward leg at any angle and all is good. Aiming to far forward or for a perfect heart shot leaves no margin of error. Heck, if handled properly post hit, a gutshot with an arrow is a lethal hit. I am 13/13 on gut hits with an arrow.

What is your procedure for finding gut shot deer?
What is the difference between getting liver and one lung on a quartering away deer vs getting one lung and liver on a quartering toward deer?
IMO, most articles about shot placement take a bad approach. They get dumbed down to " this is the safest shot " or a "take this shot, not this one" conclusion. That approach to the subject fails to take into account many variables such as equipment choices, archery skill, hunter experience, etc. However to try to account for all the variables would morph an article into a book. I personally would rather see such articles use more pics of real deer with internal organ overlays so all hunters have a more realistic understanding of the target regardless of deers position.

Equipment choices, archery skill and knowledge of anatomy are the basis for if any particular shot can or should be made. Hunter experience is the only thing that ultimately determines red light or green light on any shot. Is a slightly quartered too shot on a completely unsuspecting deer less or more advisable than a 30 yard broadside shot on a highly alert deer?
There is a higher risk of exit plugging with a liver exit but I have never seen a liver exit even with some plugging that didn't leave decent trail.
My experience agrees with that.