Red Oak Disease/Pest? (w/pic)


5 year old buck +
We have some problems with our red oaks on our property. I'm not sure what kind of red they are, a pin maybe, but we've got spots on them that look like something has chewed or rubbed a very fine layer off the bark. Has anyone else seen this or know what it is? This was about 10-12 feet off the ground and we had it on a handful of trees.

Saw one last year. You saying I should whack it and eat it? Maybe skip eating the porcupine?
Looks like porky or maybe really hungry tree rat damage. My aspen will be stripped clean up top in February from the tree rats - not enough meat to the branches they're gnawing to support a porky up where they do it. It's a much bigger section per tree too.

I'm gonna say porky on the oak. Unprotected - so whack away!
Yep. Porky damage. I've seen it here. If you want to get a porky's attention away from your trees, put some Antler growing mineral on some stumps in the area. The salt in it lures them and they'll chew & eat at the stump until it's about gone. Maybe rock salt would work, too. We found this out by accident when putting out deer mineral on stumps at camp. Porkys flocked to those stumps. Maybe it's worth a shot to divert their interest from the oaks.
I've heard of putting poison on an old axe handle. The salt from sweat attracts them.

This time of year they're easy to spot, so a quick lap with a shotgun or .22lr might be productive.
Two whacks did this one in too. :D