Raccoon trapping


5 year old buck +
Was all of the bait gone in the tube or just some? Squirrels will grab everything on the ground and the first inch or so into the dog proof trap.
Everything in the tube and from on the ground was gone


5 year old buck +
Happens pretty often. They don’t always set off the trigger. Keep refilling it and they will come back.


5 year old buck +
I'm back from a week of meetings, so will be setting the traps tonight. I am still getting pictures of multiple 'coons and 'possums around the chicken coop, which is clean and dry. Peeps, as for the empty traps, these seems to happen periodically to me as well...smart 'coons are a good excuse (and the one I use), but I have found certain traps seem to have more issues, including one that is empty 50% of the time. I was tempted to toss it, but it still catches 'coons, just not as often. I've not found a tweak or solution, but I also noted this trap is harder to set than some of the others.