Quick Apple Question


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Ok guys installing 4 of my 6 trees for my own personal consumption today.

I have a Gala and a Cortland apple coming from Grandpa's Orchard the 2nd week of May. I have 2 Flemish Beauty Pears to put in today from Cummins. I have 1 Chesnut Crab to put in today from Wallace Woodstock Nursery. The other apple I'm going to purchase today from a local garden/nursery.


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Most folks that I've talked to that do nurseries say they sell 10 honeycrisps for every other kind of apple tree. All my reading though makes me think winesnap because the descriptions of the flavor I've read seem the most appealing.

I'm not a huge fan of Macintosh. There could be 1 or 2 more varieties that they have that I don't know about on hand but I won't know until I get there. Whats your thoughts on these choices?

Winesap - it is the latest maturing apple on your list. ;)
Honeycrisp can make you wait for them to bloom as in a few years longer for apples than other varieties. I have one I planted in 08 and haven't seen a blossom yet. I started looking into it and this can be typical for Honeycrisp after doing some digging. Maya can give you more detail than I can. I have my fingers crossed this year for some blossoms.
Game time decision was to buy the winesnap so I did.

They had this multi apple thing with very wide branches. Every branch was a diff kind of apple. I was almost tempted because of how odd it seemed but resisted the urge.

One tree had Fuji, Gala, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, and like 5 other kinds on 1 tree?