pear seedling leaves turning black?



I have had the worst luck with my first year trying pears and apples from seed. All but one of my apple seedlings died but I think the cause of it is me over watering them which now I don't water nearly as much. My pear seedlings have been doing great up until about 3 or 4 days ago but the leaves have started curling and turning black, they are in a soil less mix and I haven't been watering until the mix dries up which is usually every 3 days. They are in a makeshift greenhouse and get plenty of sun everyday and were started outdoors. And ideas? I will post a picture tonight when I get home
Post pictures. Most likely physical as in water or sunlight related.
Do you have a water softener? I know they say not to water trees with tap water that has a softener on it. I think it has to do with the salt in it.
Curious to see your pics. Could be pear psylla (insect) that's getting rolling this time of year. Leaves a black exudate on the leaves and can dramatically weaken or kill the tree, especially young one, if not treated.
Sorry about no pics yet guys I'll get them tonight
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I'm down to only about 10 seedlings now
I am just making a guess from my experiences, too wet and no air flow around the seedlings.
If they are in a makeshift greenhouse and in the sun they are probably cooking. No reason to have them in a greenhouse this time of year. I would work towards acclimating them to a outdoors setting.
The whole bottom of the greenhouse is off the ground so it gets really good airflow and I haven't been watering nearly as much since I diagnosed the problem with my apples. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and it's been really humid, could that be the cause? I didn't think so because the pears are the only ones that are doing this
The greenhouse isn't in full sun, it is under some cedars that keep them somewhat shaded until mid to late afternoon
I see all the condensation on the plastic and that makes me think poor air flow. Also it doesnt take long under clear plastic for something to get too hot. How about a picture of the whole setup, all of the seedlings and surroundings?
The condensation is actually rain on the outside but I'll take a pic when I get home
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I will stick with my guess. Too much humidity, too little air movement , and probably not enough sunlight. How many hours a day of sunlight are they getting? Looks like a pretty shaded spot.
About an hour or so in the morning and about 5 hours in the afternoon, I took the plastic off and I'll move them to the sun if nothing changes in a day or so, all my other seedlings look great to me
I'm in central Missouri. I really hope they make it. If not I'll have to start reading up to try them again next winter.
Well its only been 2 days without plastic and the pears all shriveled up and are laying over flat, all my other seedlings are doing good so far without plastic
It's well water, the potting mix is 50 percent peat moss 25 percent perlite and 25 percent vermiculite. Yea I did look at the roots and the tap root had been air pruned but hadn't grown much for feeder roots.
They were white except for the air pruned tip only the tap root