Nice collection of bucks


5 year old buck +
Here are the bigger bucks that I got on my last card pull about a month ago. Finally getting around to posting them.

This is by far the best year we have had on this property in the way of bucks. All these photos were taken in a second year clover and rye (and weeds) plot. They seem to love the extra cover the weeds give vs. a clean clover plot. We also put in 7 acres of food plots this year compared to the .25 acres previously. Seems to have a large impact on the number of bucks we are seeing.
Last year I passed on a pile of young 2.5 year old 8's. I'd like to think that is part of the reason I'm seeing some of these guys.
I'm excited to get out there in a few weeks.

01 Oct. 20 09.18.jpg 02 Oct. 20 09.18.jpg 03 Oct. 20 09.18.jpg 04 Oct. 20 09.19.jpg 05 Oct. 20 09.19.jpg 06 Oct. 20 09.19.jpg 07 Oct. 20 09.19.jpg 08 Oct. 20 09.19.jpg
Nice deer red! There's a few of us guys that hunt todd county on here so it's good to see someone else letting the little ones go. Good luck getting them!
Very nice! How many unique bucks do you think they are?
nice bucks!
Not sure how many unique bucks I have photos of this year. I have more from earlier in the year while in velvet. I would say maybe around 8 of this size.
Everyone but one guy that hunts this property is finally on the same page as far as passing on the younger bucks. We know they get bigger, waiting is the hard part. Oh, and the young ones are much easier to trick come hunting season.
Yeah, it would be good to get to know my neighbors. Lets get the Todd County Co-op going.

The plots. did ok for the the first try. I did the LickCreek mix. I planted half on 07-26 and the other half on on 08-08. The first batch didn't get rain for a week or more but once it got it, it spring to life. Otherwise, we got a good amount of rain. The crappy deal was an early frost damaged the lower areas a bit. I haven't been up to the property in over a month but my uncle was there and said the rye is getting mowed down, radishes are eaten to the ground and a lot of the turnips have bites out of them.
Not bad for just turning the soil over and planting. No fertilizer or soil amendments. This coming year we will do soil tests maybe some fertilizer plus the plow-down clover that is in there this year.
This plotting is getting addicting. currently looking for an old cheap tractor to keep at the property. Fun fun......
Nice bucks Red!
I pulled the card last weekend and it was pretty disappointing after all the previous action. Lots of does and small yearling bucks. Got a few small 8's and one spindly 10. Kinda cool that this 10 and one of the 8's in the first post have matching sticker points on thier right G2's.
09 Oct. 27 10.08.jpg10 Oct. 27 10.08.jpg
Who says MN has no deer. You have a nice selection there.