my number one buck the rutster is out of velvet and looking good


5 year old buck +

Shot a nice doe tonight and decided to check sd card right where I was sitting in my quad pod, here is my number one buck the rutster out of velvet and near legal shooting time. He didn't show but I had 11 doe and a 2 year old 8 pt within 20 yards of my pod. Oats, winter rye and peas is what is in plot called the fall forage blend and deer are in it day and night. Scoot
Really nice buck! Good luck with him, thanks for sharing.
Very nice! State?
Nice, good luck with him.
Beautiful deer - I hope you put him on the wall!
He is nice any history with him? If so how old do you think.
No history with him, I think he might be a 5 year old. Scoot
yeah buddy. Nice one!