My 7 year old son's first hunt


5 year old buck +
No laughing, he was very proud! He came running back to the cabin yelling "fire up the grill" to his mother. Shot it with his youth .410.
We had ribeyes on the grill that night and he had squirrel.

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That's awesome!
Really cool! Congrats to him, looks like he was hungry after all that hunting.
He was so excited. Trying to teach him we eat what we shoot and he didn't disappoint. Now he wants to shoot a grouse next. Hopefully we can find a stupid one that stays on the ground or flys right up in a tree. No way he will hit a flying one yet. Grandpa told him if he gets a grouse he will pay to have it mounted for his room in the cabin. He's on a mission now.
Excellent! That's one proud hunter! Congratulations and good luck with the grouse hunt!!
Gotta love the excitement level. Most deer hunters I know cut their teeth on squirrels (I did). We allhave to start somewhere. Good for him and good for you - got you a little hunting buddy there.
Absolutley priceless! I have a few more years to go before i get to share that experience with my son....i'm looking forward to it! Congrats to the young fella!
That's great! Especially passing up ribeyes to eat squirrel.

Big congrats.
I love it. Making great memories!
He will remember that for a lifetime.
Awesome!! My folks have a pic of me that is almost identical to that second one with my first skwerl.
Congrats, he's hooked now.
Squirrels are the best for youngsters!
He shot his first grouse today. He spotted it sitting under a pine and was able to shoot it before it flew.
Super post. That boy has it all together!
Haha yes! Is grandpa holding up his part of the deal?!
That's what I call "Proud father moments". He will remember for a long time. You will remember forever. Well done.

congrats to the lad! that is awesome! how did he like the grouse?
He loved the grouse, he said his two favorite foods now are grouse and northern pike. He ate every scrap of the grouse.
I remember the days I first started hunting like they were yesterday. I'm sure he will remember those 2 first kills his whole life
Great Job with the youngster Ogema. Hooked! And loving it!