Mosquito Problems?



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Mo good info for at home but for a trip to the woods try Avon skin so soft. It may sound silly but it works.
Ummmmm......none for me, thanks anyway. They haven't been bad enough for me this year to use something like this. Lots of contradictions to the effectiveness on mosquitoes also. It even states they can build up an immunity to the stuff. Says it works great on most other bugs, including bees:(.
I have a friend that is in the pest control business.. I have been spraying my house and camp with Suspend SC and now they have Suspend Polyzone. There is literally nothing that lives around my house and zero bugs. Normally not a huge fan of using chemical control measures, but with the skeeters this year. INSANE!! I have no idea how anyone could go camping right now. They are so bad in Wisconsin and in the UP it's to the point of insanity. I mean it. They are licking off the deet!!!

I am gonna do some checking on Talastar for broad coverage... My brother in law is a wildlife interpreter and he knows EVERYTHING on the outside world from bugs to birds to rodents to anything. Pretty wild guy to have in the woods... He was saying another significant reason for the skeeters is the bat population is way down due to the white nose disease. He said that it's more of an impact than the weather. Freaked me out!!! Not gonna lie.. the guy is really wild to talk to on nature. I mean he has books and books on just bugs. He does this for a living through the county park system in Michigan.
Where can one buy this miracle product MO?

I have a jug of Bifen here. No idea if it works on skeeters, but it does a number on a lot of other bugs. I should maybe do some google searches on this stuff to see if its effective on them biting bugs. Hadnt really thought of it.
My friend had a food business and he had a guy come in to spray for bugs in his building. While the guy was inside, he ran to the truck and looked at the jug. :)
So he found it online and got a case of the stuff and I got a small jug from him.
I have used bifen for the first time this year seemed to work until all the rain came been waiting for it to stop raining so I can put me out
Will this stuff nuke ants? I got permethrin and sprayed the yard, no impact. The swamp grounds needs this, every time I check cameras I feel like I'm drowning in moskers. They are the size of swallows up here too. Too bad we can't just eat something to get in our system that them damn birds don't like.
I believe it will. If you look at the link I posted, it states that it was primarily used for red fire ants. It also states that it is extremely hazardous to aquatic lifeforms, so please be careful around your wet areas.
Right on, I'll take a look at the link. Don't have much time during my bathroom breaks at work to dig into all the links :)
Does this affect anything when you spray it, like pets around the house. Does it have any effect spraying around your yard, vegetable plants, fruit trees, etc....?
;) I'm not the doomsayer it sounds like I am MoBuck. I'm just presenting the facts so everyone can make up their own mind, or at least look into it further. For instance if I had a pond full of fish in my back yard, given the aquatic warning, no way would I spray it anywhere near there. Just making sure everyone's informed or at least giving them the heads up to do there own research as far as their own situations are concerned. And again, I haven't had a huge issue at the house with skeeters or deer flies yet this year, the d*mn gnats on the other hand will drive you nuts. But I hardly think they warrant the use of something like Talstar, when a shot of Buggin's Natural Vanilla Mint & Rose Bug repellant on your hat works wonders on those pesky little buggers. And it smells pretty good too!;):D By the way WhipperSnapper was my grandpa's CB radio handle back in the day. My dad's was Miracle Whip, mine was Cool Whip, and my younger brother was Lil' Whip. Too funny, brings back great memories of driving up to our land from Kenosha/Lake Geneva for hunting season when I was a kid. We used to chatter the whole 2-1/2 hour drive up there.
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Well if you get bit get some adolf's steak tenderizer, wet the bite and rub it in. Absolutely amazing, within a hour you can't tell you were bit.
We've been using some bifen in our backpack sprayer around camp and the yard at home. We have gotten nearly instant relief and it seems to last quite well. spray the grass, the bushes, underside of leaves if possible, the deck, the soffit. Found it on the internet but available at Fleet Farm too. Works great!