Mo bow kill "Thanks MoBuckchaser"

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Well John was gracious enough to invite me up to hunt with him for the Mo opener. I just wanted to say Thanks for the hospitality! He treated me like family and put me on the deer! Some beautiful whitetail country in North Mo! Never seen anything like it! Needless to say I had a great time and was lucky enough to come home with a nice, corn fed, perfect eatN size doe:)
Thats what its all about! congrats
thats awesome! congrats on the doe and very cool to see guys from the site getting together for some hunting!
Just another example of how great this forum is. People couldn't believe that I was going to hunt in prime Whitetail country with A guy I met on the inter-webs haha. A couple buddies even told me I was prolly gonna get cut up! I didn't have any hesitation when The MBC invited me up! I could tell by the way he carries himself on here that he would be fun company;) I will admit the first thing I thought when I pulled into his drive an got out to shake his hand was Jesus this guy has some forearms bet if he put you in a head lock it pop your damn head right off your shoulders! But the ice cold beer I was greeted with quickly put me at ease:) haha
An soon after didn't take me long to realize I would be coming back from this hunting trip with having made a new friend:)
crazy the directions life takes us
Congrats, sounds like a blast! That doe looks delicious.
Nice job JS, you too MoBuck!
Congrats....Very nice to see this type of thing happening. It is fantastic to see and hear of the good things happening, like you 2 getting together face to face, and one able to offer a hunting opportunity to another. Way to go MBO.
Congrats Jordan and a big "way to go" Mo Buck for making it happen.
Great to hear! Glad you guys were able to hunt together.
Congrats on a nice hunt!
Awesome! Sounds like it was a great time for both of you. Nice shot on that doe to boot!
WOW That's great that you were able to get together. Friend from the net are now friends for life. That's what so great about this site. I have yet to meet anyone from here but plan to some day.
Great story. Nice doe. I bet the cold beer was good too.
You know Your welcome down here anytime John. I'm just working on making my place half as accommodating as yours!!! You got the set up brother!!!

I will come back for sure haha!!! We will have to time it when you have a project in mind I can help you with. I'm a machine with a chain saw:) if you got anymore hinging in mind.
Just too cool!!! Now that was a good time for forum friends!!!
That is cool!

Mo, I'm going to have to take a ride over sometime this season. Heck it can't be over an hour.
Congrats on a successful hunt. This is just one more reason that this forum is awesome. Most of us have never met and may never meet in our lifetime but I think many of us consider each other friends. I know that's how I feel anyways