Missouri Trespasser


Not many MO guys here yet. But I'm looking for any info on this guy. Near Livonia this morning.

I'm going to post elsewhere also and I'll be visiting some neighbors and the sherif when I get back there.

That's a good picture - it's likely that one of your neighbors will recognize him since he likely walked in from a neighboring property. Let us know how that turns out.

I've never had a trespasser on camera before. Or I should say I probably did have them on camera for a short time until they came back with a bolt cutter and cut the chain that locked my camera to the tree.

Was your camera hidden or did you just get lucky and have him walk right by it without noticing it?
Just got lucky.
It's nearly impossible to hide a Buckeye camera with an external bartery, solar panel and an 8 foot antenna pole.

The nice thing is that with in about 30 seconds of the pic being taken its on my computer and with in 5 minutes its in my email inbox.

I also think if someone knows him they will recognize him from the pic. To bad I won't be back there for 2 weeks. But the picture will keep.
I'd be worried that someone (as in the subject in the photo) is going to return after seeing your expensive setup.
Hope you nail his a$$.
I have the same dam problem with a neighbor a hole bunch of pic of him and his adult sons. I talked to him about it and he said he was just looking for some cattle that seem to get out about 1 a month during the week when he knows I'm not around. Total BS.... I don't want to call the Sherif on him because his bro inlaw is my neighbor on another line and let's me drive across his field to one of my plots. So I'm just biting my tongue for know. SUCKS when people take advantage of absentee land owners..........
I'd be worried that someone (as in the subject in the photo) is going to return after seeing your expensive setup.

That would turn trespass into criminal trespass. I sure hope that doesn't happen.

I can't make out the hat or be sure what's in his hand. A diaphragm call case? Someone suggested maybe a shroom hunter.

I emailed the pic to my neighbor. His wife is lead detective now. And I wouldn't cross her. ;)
No mercy. Zero tolerance. All my neighbors know if they call we will track deer in bedding areas at midnight with 2 guys 2 lanterns and no voices. And they know why.

They also know if they ever footprint my place without permission none of them can ever enter again for any reason.

It's very fair.
That's the nice thing about buckeye cams.......even if they find the camera and take it, too late, you've got their pic. Good luck finding the scumbag.
That be a chainsaw cut on the pant leg. Had a few pair like that until I got 18 stitches and a $1,700 hospital bill for a 1/8 acre deep woods plot I put in solo. First and last of its kind for me. He is right handed as well.
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Turkey scouting, he has a hunting vest on
Man the more I look at that pic the madder I get. Hope you NAIL him!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, the joys of being an absentee landowner... you make the land payment and everyone else enjoys it :(

Did he walk in from the unfenced side?
He was prolly looking for mushrooms
No he was walking towards the unfenced side. Maybe he was leaving in the same direction he came. But was out of range on the way in. Or came from the neighbor and took a short cut.

I've got turkeys on that camera every day. So maybe he saw them from road and came to see.

Worst part is this is a dead end road. Two people own every thing in and out. He's not one of them.

But again the neighbors wife is on it. She just emailed me a few minutes ago. Lived there for the last 30 years. She's on a quest, we're going to find this guy and I'm going to burn him.
So far no one recognizes him. When I get there at the end of the month I'll do some more digging.

Everyone out there says mushroom hunter cause you don't hunt in jeans.

There is another neighbor I want to wait and talk to in person with the picture in hand.