Lets discuss the NDA


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I have seen a few video's on the new NDA. Seems they have got lots of high-profile support in the videos. Here's one:

.....and another that I got off of the Gun Broker email.

^^ Yep.....I just saw these videos.....so I thought I would put them up. QDMA's "leadership" role is/has been questionable IMO.

Funny thing Stu.....you and I and Mo (3 stooges?) basically got banned from the QDMA site for saying what this new organization (sponsored by QDMA) is now touting. Makes you wonder.....doesn't it? ;)
I don't need to support anything. You guys in mn should have learned a lesson, that your dnr will do whatever they want. The only thing that will slap the dnr up is the politicians. Example-wi The only thing I can control is what happens on my land. The pieces will fall where they may after that.
The NDA in concept is a good idea - we will have to see how it materializes. We still should not expect them to fight every issue out there. We still need to be involved at the state level, local level and even within our own properties. Look at how our wonderful government has grown from it's early form because people relyed on the government and not themselves! Our society is more like mindless sheep more than ever - yet how many people truely trust the government? I don't like the direct involvement between the QDMA and the NDA - hopefully that will change. I would suspect QDMA to support the NDA, but it needs to remain it's own thing. The two organizations have different missions and thus the way they conduct themselves should be different as well. Shared leadership is going to create issues (you can't be QDMA today and NDA yesterday and be effective). They may benefit from each other, but that doesn't make them the same! If the NDA simply becomes the "political arm" of the QDMA then it is destined to fail. Few people will support an organizaton that they feel mis-leads them and represents them poorly (and that is not aimed at anyone here). IF the NDA is to be taken seriously the can not be seen as a puppet of the QDMA.
I know some of us don't see eye to eye on certain issues within the hunting stratosphere, but I cringe at a group like this that purports to be the voice of the American sportsman, yet is divisive in their stances and methods. Also, when you get a large number of "big shots" all jumping on a bandwagon, my first question is "Who's throwing money at whom?". Disclaimer: I am admittedly assuming what they will stand for and how they will act based on the actions of the QDMA leaders in that realm.
One thing for sure.....some of the biggest supporters are the biggest retailers of hunting goods in North America. Lots of licenses and lots of weapon choices (more licenses) mean more revenue for their stores and more folks out hunting.....and spending. It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to do the math on this issue. America is still driven by the almighty dollar.
One thing for sure.....some of the biggest supporters are the biggest retailers of hunting goods in North America. Lots of licenses and lots of weapon choices (more licenses) mean more revenue for their stores and more folks out hunting.....and spending. It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to do the math on this issue. America is still driven by the almighty dollar.
That's exactly what I was thinking. There other henchmen are the tv personalities that drive nothing but large antlers and try to push mostly over priced junk. I can't even watch those tv shows anymore, it is just not entertaining to me.
NDA is a lost cause out of the gates. The stumbling is pathetic. No way I would hold my breath and expect them to even finish a 1k paint walk.

They lack the leadership to even get a mission statement straight from where I sit.

But its a great concept.

I am hopeful Dippers view will pull through, but have issues and doubts. Early in the century I am sure there existed folk who said 'dont kill all the deer', but until regs were put in place, that was path we were headed down. I pulled cards on 1,100 arces of DNR mismanaged land (not Brooks mismanaged) this week and this results were disgusting.

I dont know.
Brooks- My bro- in -laws that hunt public land south of you a bit really have it tough. Five doe tags and being close to certain groups from the twin cities have led to lots of dead deer.

I wonder how NDA can get all of these big bucks, but those of us in Minnesota have actually accomplished something with elbow work and a whole lot less dollars. Mostly thanks to Brooks.
Sorry guys but do you really think these hunting celebs have a clue or really care about what the real land steward has to deal with. In central wi there is way to many hunters. I'm amazed my area can produce the bucks we do. And the only reason we have a booner here and there is superior habiat for the area. That's where the big bucks are. That's where the deer are. Some advocate to deer hunting bs, has 0 influence in central wi. If anything, we have way to many hunters. I go for a run every day after work and I see 4 guys out hunting in the middle of the week, with 70 degree temps.
I could give 2 squarts about sny hunting organization.
It really seems they pulled the trigger on the launch wayyyy too preaturely. they also seemed to have failed to preempt the general distrust of the QDMA in many parts of the whitetail world. their initial newsletters have all come with a survey. They are attempting to paint a picture of the "issues" using the responses from the surveys. This picture will then be used to give "guidance" to their steering committee. I have lots of questions about the steering committee's composition. I havent yet had time to allocate to call Craig Dougherty to ask him the questions i have pertaining to the upper level involvement from the QDMA. Apparently, Craig is not an email kind of guy, so it was requested that I call with my questions. So far, NDA has been a clearing house of deer news, and a gatherer of information from its membership....no boots on the ground action.

I have really been contemplating whether or not a national level organization can effect changes from the state level down. I have been keeping tabs on several state and even county level deer issues over the last year or so, and absolutely ZERO involvement from national organizations has been apparent...let alone the catalyst for change. Local, grass roots campaigns have been largely responsible for the change in these conflicts. Just something i have been chewing on....

that said....my hat is off to you MN guys that have been successful in starting the process of change....you guys have accomplished a lot...but as on outside observer, it seems like you still have a monumental task ahead of you. i hope you guys can keep the pedal to the metal!
If I have learned anything it is these battles are political in nature. Science is likely a thing of the past. You want real change, you best get some friends through friends or buy some.
Saw this on the NDA FB page....

Seems the "national" organization holds it's rally's in the same locations as another deer group too. The group about which I am speaking claims to have a chapter in Pequot Lakes MN....but in fact has never operated here despite maintaining a dot on their "coverage" map.

Hard to forget this group....and the way they treated their former members. Many of the same spokesmen. Grin. :D
the lack of "physical presence" is what is concerning....what does that really mean anyway? Solely existing on the interwebs? Basically they intend to be a collector and disseminator of information?
collector and disseminator is a far cry from being the "voice of"....IMHO

Facilitator might be a better descriptor.
On the Summit topic...what group is most likely to have the strongest attendance? What group is therefore most likely to have the most "sway" in agenda/action items? What group's current leadership formed the NDA? What group is Craig Dougherty most strongly associated with? Optimism....disappearing..... The NDA is simply going to become the political arm of QDMA.
Agreed...the ties are DEEP. However, a political arm would suggest that the group will engage in political ACTION...so far the message they are spreading is that they will not use action...but rather at the most inform members of issues so that they may choose to act....at least that is what i am reading.
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