Late season success


5 year old buck +
I finally managed to get one on the ground. I had pretty much given up on seeing this guy during daylight hours and was planning on taking a doe. Much to my surprise he stepped out first.
Congrats really nice buck!
Congrats Red! Great late season bow buck!
Congrats on a great buck.
Very nice buck and very nice pics.
Congrats on the nice buck. Good late season weather, where and when did you catch him?
Congrats on the buck. Nice one for sure. How bout a better pic of them bow bullets
He is a city deer. I got him in the Minneapolis metro zone. He somehow managed 3+ years without getting hit by a car.
He was with one that had though when I shot him. Pretty common to have broken leg bucks running around. There are 2 - 8 points and a doe currently on camera with bad legs. They are all on the hit list because of it but I can't catch up with them.
Actually had a three legged doe running the woods for about 5 years. She would have a single fawn every year. Tough SOB's
I don't have a very good picture of the bow for you. I shoot a Hoyt Rampage XT with Maxima Red arrows and QAD Exodus broad heads.
First animal I have taken with the QAD's. Very happy so far. Doesn't have the huge cutting diameter of the newest mechanicals but you get great penetration.
WTG Red.
Nice deer, Red. I was going to ask how you got by without orange, but Metro hunt explains it.
That's a nice buck!!
Congrats, really nice pictures.
At a boy Red! Give 'em the shaft!
Congrats Red.
congrats on a fine buck! i really like that quasi-acorn tip toward the end of the left main beam!! very cool looking buck.
Nice. Congrats. And I like the photos, nice and clean.
Congrats on the buck. Good timing with the snow, nothing better than hunting after a fresh coat.
Thanks for all the replys. I still smile when I think about getting him.
I'm already planning all my habitat projects for next year so I can lure in an even bigger one. Fingers crossed :)