Just Like a Kid on Christmas Morning


5 year old buck +



The first thing I want to do each morning is go to my nursery and see if any new grafts are pushing out. It don't take much to make me happy :D.
I agree it is fun to see the progress. Sometimes the simple things in life really are the most enjoyable.
Wow cool pics. Mine are doing pretty good also. I think that last pic may be a fruit bud!!! I think you will have fruit on that graft lol. Awesome. I do the same thing and also talk to my trees lol.
well done Rick. so far winter wildlife crab is my best grower at close to 4 or 5 inches already. I am putting a new fence up around my Nursery today, hopefully moving some trees out today.

My grafts hanging out in the sun
Still need to get Thess in pots bit will wait to see what breaks bud first. Some are ready to pop it looks like but Yarlinton Mill is not budging in all 3 graftsimage.jpg
Best growth so far. Yellow delicious with about 4 inches of growthimage.jpg
Hey Matt
Good to hear the Winter Wildlife Crab is doing good for you. They are my avatar pic.

Hey Paul
Your grafts are looking great for a rookie :cool:. And yes I'll have to pluck that bloom off sooner or later. My B118 grafts are growing the best, but they had the nicest root system. I've also got some grafts on G202 & M7 for my home orchard. Here's a pic of my nursery.

And no that's not snow in the background. My wife's a recycler and brings shredded paper home from the office to compost in the garden.

My Dolgo Crab is in full bloom and our bee's are lovin' it.


Thought this pic was kind of neat. You can see the yellow pollen sacs on one bee from the apple blossoms and I think the other bee's red pollen sacs are from the flowers of the red maple.
Awesome pics. Love the bees. We need to wake ours up now. We are going into 1/2 in h green and more. I am getting my sprayer ready
Looks great. Loved the bee pics.