Judge this deer


5 year old buck +
How old is this Mr. Large? Was his real rack smaller or larger? I will tell you his field dressed weight was between 160lbs and 220lbs.

thats a very good rendering of his antlers....maybe you used the brush to trace his actual rack? or you are an arteeest! lol.
There was a time back in the day where I could sketch and paint.
My guess would be 3.5-4.
Judge not...lest ye be judged. I was thinking 4 yrs old.
When was the pic taken? 3.5 would be my guess.
I forgot all about this, it's the same buck my daughter harvested. From what I can tell he put everything into his body and not his antlers. I never actually looked at his teeth but I had him pegged at 2.5 but in this pic his face even appears "aged" and I would say his dressed weight was more in line what you'd find with a 3yr old here so I could be wrong.

PS. I figured that if I drew in a larger rack it would skew your opinion it was an older deer.
I was thinking 3.5 with smaller rack
He did dress out in the mid 160's. Even with a hard winter I have a hard time believing he was 3.5 with that rack though, I should have saved his jaw.
Just because a deer has a long nose doesn't mean it's an older deer. I've worked on many 2.5 year old bucks that had a longer nose than a 3.5. Gotta save a side of the bottom jaw if u want to age him
Sometimes not knowing makes for good campfire conversation.