jd 9350 drill


5 year old buck +
Just wondering if anybody knows off the top of their head what is considered a 'decent deal' on a 10' 9350.

Also interested in a disk, jd 230 14' with wings removed. Just want to see if I'm the ballpark.
You sure have knowledge in this realm, MO. I really appreciate it. I figure I can always throw it out on here if I find something that I feel is a decent deal and get the verification.

This guy has two 10' sections and priced at $500 each. Within 20 miles of me so it's not too far to haul. He said that the discs aren't in the best shape, and I believe he said it doesn't have the grass. I figured if I could rope a deal maybe both for $500 total I could maybe sell off the other one and come out even.

I posted on a trading post on local radio that I was looking for a 14' disk, and a guy called and said he cut the wings off and used the bearings and disks from that to replace some of the worn parts on the main section. He said it's a mid weight disk and would do decent breaking sod. He wants $2500, and I think that's a little steep. I may pass on this one and look into a chisel plow. We need to get 30+ acres of old CRP broken up. With 3+ inches of rain in the past 24 hours, it gives me time to shop!

Thanks for all the input on my rookie questions, MO. You are the man to ask on machinery and land questions!
Well I'd say it's expertise/mastery, what have you. I'm sure 30 years of it will give you a leg up when talking equipment. I've got about a month or so at checking Craigslist and thinking I have somewhat of a clue. I really dont have much a clue lol.