Idiots from the City!



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Buy em a few cans of fix a flat and tell them to be careful.
Or prosecute.
Entitlement, no doubt those kids will be a product of their environment... Something tells me you haven't seen the last of those kids
trail cams to catch the assholes on your land...............
Sadly I am not surprised at all with that exchange in todays society. So frickin sad....
No matter if your are on the nicest block in a rich suburb, or down a lonely stretch of country road, one bad neighbor can make things SUCK in a hurry. I'm confident that you will handle the situation appropriately MBC ;)
You hit the nail on the head with "city people". Just turn the news on an look at STL in the spotlight the past 2 nights! These idiots make me furious. I cant believe how tolerant they have been with their shenanigans. Id like to see these clowns drive 30min south of STL an pull this crap.
You should have offered to call the cops right then and there. Told the mother that the cops would compare the tracks on your property to her kids bike tracks and then start talk trespassing charges. I bet that would have shut her up.
Press charges. Get it out of the way right now. :)
Man, I wish I had it that good. Because if I KNEW who the problem was, it'd be a lot easier to solve. Half the battle is already won.
Wow. speechless.
I had my three week old brand new clover plot destroyed by a dirt bike last year, more donuts than a krispy kreme calendar shoot. I got a pic of the punk from a trail cam that he happened to go by, full race gear, full face helmet..... no clue who it was but he drove under rt 78 through a culvert to get on the property, and leave. Get the cops involved, get that citiot a proper education to how it will be.
In the old days it would be easy to solve the problem. Don't get me wrong, I will call the sheriff every time, if this problem continues. But I can just tell this family is no stranger to the law already. I will find out more after my buddy has a chat with them later today. We have gone years since having a family in the area like this. Now some tools and batteries are starting to sprout legs out of farmers tractors the past couple of weeks as well. Now I now how Sandbur feels at his hunting land!
I was just going to say that this is how it started with my neighbors about 25 years ago. There were tearing around in my cousin's corn field. My cuz ran them off the road and into a fencepost. Promises to never do it again. It progressed to break in's at my cabin, every winter and then almost every time we were up there-like we would go fishing and they would break in and see what we left in the cabin. theft of deer stands.Poaching with rifle during bow season. I left a noisy dog in the cabin for awhile when w e were there and had less break ins, but a broken window or two.

The kids get older. One serves time for theft of a travel trailer. More problems with trespass and then my cabin gets burned. Latest was voluntary rape-a 30 year old guy and a minor girl. More time served. I find the Mom has had problems with shoplifting when on bus trips with a quilters group. Mom also was light fingered while cleaning homes for people. I think their Dad was just plain nuts. and maybe worse form the stories...

Get your buddy, the deputy involved. I have called the sheriff and he has stopped and talked to them. But lock your place up tight and get an ornery dog. It just does not end.
Did they buy this house and land they are on?.....or are they renting?
Me handle it appropriately?.......Hahahahaha!

I am the guy the guy that knocked some drunken 30 year olds teeth out for grabbing my wifes ass twice at a Graduation party 4 years ago! Appropriate? No! But it sure sure felt good! Hahahahahaha!

I think you are wrong. Once could maybe be called an accident. Twice, then there is no excuse. I would say it was 100% appropriate.
Can you look it up on the country website? Who is paying the taxes on it?
I feel for ya, Mo. Try to stay out of prison and let the law handle it.
I grew up in a city of about 50,000 people. Most were law-abiding folks - a few weren't when it came to respect of other's property. In the very rural mountain areas of Pa. there have been murders of older folks - one a well publicized murder by a woman of an elderly man, cabin break-ins, thefts, poaching, and numerous meth-labs have cropped up ( by local rural people ). It doesn't matter where one comes from, if parents don't teach rules & respect, this is what you get. A$$holes are like dog sh!t They're all over the place.
It's sucks when you get bad neighbors. Best of luck!!
Never be glad when a bad neighbor moves out, someone worse could move in.
MO how do they get into the field? Is there a gate or do they go through the ditch. Any way you can make it not possible for them to get through. I know you would hate to see any damage done to their bikes, if you get the drift.