Ice bucket challenge.


5 year old buck +
O.K. So, I did the MDDI Iced Bucks Challenge tonight (as I also did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which WAS posted on my Facebook page).

.....and I nominated Batman and Sandbur to do the same within 24 hours. I woulda named more of you guys.....but two is the limit. (I don't know how to post a video here or I would. - Trust me. :D) So, you younger guys will know how to post excuses.

I'll send my $10 for the Iced Bucks Challenge tonight via the MN bow hunters site. The donation is $100 bucks if you fail to comply within 24 hours - according to the Ice Bucks Challenge rules. :D

(Maybe the Iced Bucks Challenge would be a good way to raise some money for MDDI?)
No disrespect, but why don't we just continue to donate and leave the water in the ground.
That's what I said about the ALS challenge.....and then it dawned on me: BECAUSE THIS RAISES AWARENESS.....and people DO it.

Besides....I'd rather like seeing Sandbur dumping a pail of cold water over his head. ;)