I Wouldn't have Thought


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I planted 4 apple trees last fall. They were grafted last spring onto Antonovka rootstock and were planted in two locations. This spring I planted 10 trees grafted last spring onto Antonovka and 7 trees grafted to B118 in two other locations. What surprises me is that the spring planted trees have all grown taller (in some cases 2+ feet) than the fall planted trees. The locations aren't that different. I would have thought that the fall planted trees would have had a head start over the spring planted ones??? On the plus side all of the fall planted trees survived the brutal winter we had but 3 of the Antonovka & 1 B118 didn't survive being in pots above ground through the winter. Despite these results I still plan on planting as many of this years grafts this fall as I can so I don't have to deal with them over the winter months and see what happens next summer. Guess it just shows you that every things not black and white when it comes to planting trees.:confused::confused:

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