How much will deer tolerate Black Bears around?



So every spring it seems I have a sow with cubs that hang out a lot. I mean alot. Then they dissappear about July or so (at least from camera). How much does having those black bears around keep deer away.
They'll eat fawns if they find them. Once the fawn is old enough and smart enough to run they seem to coexist well. Deer will keep their guard up and a safe distance.

Yeah that is another issue I didn't even bring up. They chomp on the fawns so that causes them to stay away.
I have lots of pictures of bears and deer within an hour or two of each other. Other than the fawn issue I haven't experienced much of a problem.

On our land in northern WI we noticed a decrease in deer sightings last year on our property when we were baiting bears. We were drawing in more bears than were usually there, so the deer seemed to stay away. After I bagged a bear and quit baiting bears the deer seemed to move back. It's not possible for the deer to completely avoid bears in northern WI, so they really don't have a choice but to live near bears. But it seems that they do avoid areas with a ton of bears of there are fewer bears somewhere else.
Does anyone know a way to push bears off your property?
Bears are pretty smart, so if you have better bear food on your land than your neighbors, you're likely stuck with the bears. Can you get a bear tag and try to shoot the bear this fall?
Bears are pretty smart, so if you have better bear food on your land than your neighbors, you're likely stuck with the bears. Can you get a bear tag and try to shoot the bear this fall?

Yeah I have 5 preference points. They love my clover and I have a ton of wild rasberry bushes in mid summer that they love. The problem for me is that its mostly a sow with cubs so can't really hunt her and she is the same one last two years. Also time to really bait right is an issue for me since I live 3 hours away.
The sow probably isn't going to go away unless you shoot her. We had a big bear that preferred to live on our land for at least 5 years. He liked my food plots, corn and the massive amount of berries on my land and he always seemed to hang around our general area. He stayed in the area until I drew a bear tag last fall and shot him.

I also live 3 hours from our WI land, but you can make that work if you can figure out a way to get up there and bait a few times to get them on a pattern. I actually enjoyed bear hunting on our WI land far more than deer hunting, so that was a pleasant surprise and a bonus. Now I just have to wait 6 or 7 years before I can go again.
I've had up to 7 resident bears on my 100. Deer respect them but not to0 bothered. I have numerous pictures of deer watching bear pass by in food plots and of deer walking within 15 yds past bedded big boar bears. They do prey some on fawns if your fawning and bedding areas are poor. Otherwise I'd worry more about your fruit tree damage by them and them sometimes scaring the crap out of you as you bump into them in the dark on the way to the stand. And occassionally they will tear up a treestand or the seat on your ATV just to keep you in line. Best way to get rid of them is to shoot.
Deer just avoid bears the best they can. Seems the deer just give the bears a wide berth when they come thru. However you when you have an active bait. There is literally zero deer activity within a hundred plus yard circle. After the bait is done and cleaned up, it still takes the deer a few weeks to start filtering back to that area. That is why I try to choose my bait sites as far from possible from my good early season bow sites.
Perhaps when the cubs break up I could shoot her. Can't until that happens. It already is too late to apply this year. Next year might be the right time and I was actually contemplating applying next year anyway.
They sure are a cute bunch though


If they were born last March 2013 then the boars will run them off soon and breed her. She will be alone this fall and ready to shoot.

Yup if it's the same sow. I'm not sure to be honest. They look like year old cubs don't they?