Hit list or not, need help.

Brush Creek

5 year old buck +
Here are pictures from two years of the same buck we call Dr Hook. He has a hook on his driver side brow tine. Hard to see but it is there.

We want to wait until a buck is 4. Is he? Only have 3 pictures from last year, all in a 3 picture burst, this is the best one. We have a bunch of pictures in 2014, this is the best and most recent.

Let's hear it.

rsz_2ek000542[1].jpg rsz_1pict0141[1].jpg
No clue on age but a 130's 8 point with a bow is hard to let walk for most guys.
I wish this was MN, but it is NE corner of KS.
I suck at aging deer - you want my opinion?


Any questions?
He's a shooter for me all day long...every day. Like what Mo said...he he trips your trigger...well then...trip the trigger on him!
if you are happy with him, take him. Scoot
Your call But I'd shoot.
Nice buck. As the others have said if he has got the hardware you are looking for then put some metal through him. I would lean more towards 3 1/2 as his current age might be 4 1/2 but you guys in KS tend to have younger deer with more potential. If you think you can keep him alive another year I might lean that direction.
I'd be shootin'. Don't know what your local hunting pressure is like, but in Pa. - he'd be a goner !!!