Guess I made a field of rubbing posts



i never walked across this plot all fall. Was cutting firewood, my spruce post that will be used to secure fencing around apples are a rubbed up. Almost everyone had some sort of rubbing marks. I just dug a hole with my post hole digger and threw a post in. I cut the posts in August.



This is only a few, in the poor man's food plot.
That's pretty damn cool right there!
Think what they would do to your apples! Munch, munch, munch and then rub, rub, rub = dead, dead, dead!
Looks like they like spruce.
Dipper - your duplicated post got me good this morning - thought I was losing my mind. Not that I have much to lose. How is it when you lose your mind it's just gone, but when I lose my hair - it just seems to have migrated to my back?

I can't F'ing spell either - good thing I am an enginer!;)

What say you Badgerfowl?
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Looks like a good spot for a trail camera next year.