Guess I made a field of rubbing posts



i never walked across this plot all fall. Was cutting firewood, an it looked like my spruce post that will be used to secure fencing around apples were all rubbed up. Closer inspection and they indeed were. Almost everyone had some sort of rubbing marks. I just dug a hole with my post hole digger and threw a post in. And kicked the dirt back in. I cut the posts in August.



This is only a few, in the poor man's food plot. Funny I never noticed them, but I was never looking.
That's sort of cool. Think what the deer would do to your unprotected trees? Munch, munch, much then rub, rub, rub - dead, dead, dead!
damn it! I though I replied to this thread! Thought maybe I was loosing my mind - nope just a duplicate!