Grouse Drumming

West Branch

5 year old buck +
How many are hearing grouse drumming? Last Friday - Sunday we were hearing some, maybe 4 different grouse. A cold wet spring won't be good for the eggs and chicks.

I was hoping to hear one closer so I could try to find its log and set up a trail camera but they were in thicker areas.
I hear them everywhere I go on my property. Their populations cycle just like snowshoe hare, and I would say that they are at a peak right about now. Last year or so there have been grouse least here in western Mass.
I still have one male on the sandbox and also heard some up north.

foggy has grouse heaven on his place.
Heard a couple two weeks ago.
We heard drumming a bunch when we were planting last week.
I've heard a moderate amount of drumming this year while turkey hunting. Jumped a couple of them too.
I think they say we are on the downside of the cycle in MN. I haven't spent enough time in the woods in recent years to say how are local populations have been. One day last fall I saw 4 in a 1/2 walk or so on the edge of woods/field.

I also saw one sharptail grouse last fall that flew by while on stand. I had seen 4 in a group back in 2010.

Last month the NRCS mailed out a thing to landowners in our area regarding ruffed and sharptail grouse and woodcock habitat. They were having an all day meeting back on April 30 but we were on vacation so I missed it. Did anyone else in MN get info about that? I think it was in Aitkin so you probably had to be closer to that area.

I would love to improve habitat for sharptails but they say not to have evergreens within 1/2 mile of the dancing grounds. Not the best for creating thermal cover for deer!
Had one drumming a month ago when I was at the sportsmans club gun range. He probably could of pecked a better spot...
They have been drumming pretty good around me. Every spring and once in a while in the fall I "harvest" on or two grouse via my windows...I hate it! I made my little cabin with lots of windows to be able to see outside from every direction. Unfortunately this has caused the problem with the grouse smacking the windows. View attachment 378

If they are somewhat fresh they should make a good meal :) and no worries about biting down on a shot gun pellet.
We have lot of them this year. One has picked a log right across the road from our camp, he starts drumming at 4am every day. I have heard a bunch of them turkey hunting.
This is a picture of Pat. It hung around for 3 years before it disappeared. It would come running every time we pulled into camp and would fly after the truck when we would leave. image.jpg
We also heard drumming while planting Chestnuts last weekend - hoping to improve their habitat over the next few years. Planting a number of smaller size crab apples & hazelnuts.
Spent the last two days working on habitat projects. Heard quite a bit of drumming and jumped several while coming and going. I believe the population is healthy and was not devastated by the harsh winter.
Always looking for models to be photographed. Especially an old reliable that is always there.