Good Day in the Promise land

Awesome! Love that German shorthair pointer. I am really considering that for my next dog!
Those look like pro pics. Very nice!
Great pics. You can tell that's no cell phone pic.
thanks, Steve.
The dogs are actually Duetch Drahthaars. Leaving for the promise land tonight for another 8 days. We will have 7 Drahthaars and 1 English Setter to raise hell with the Sharptails and Ditch Parrots. The Mallards should be in by the thousands as well. Got some great moose shots from 2 weeks ago. Will post them when I get back. Probably not the smartest thing hoofing a 13 pound camera and lens 150 yds out in a field at 4 moose in full rut that were 300 yds away!
I love draughthars. My buddy has 2 of them and when you add in shorthairs and my wirehair it's like a Wolfpack. I think my next dog will be a draughthar.
That looks like a trip I need to make with my nephew ... great pics Steve ...