forum not refreshing normally


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Anybody else having issues with the forum not refreshing normally? For example I click the "Whats New" link and when I click on a topic there aren't any new posts displayed, but if I press F5 to reload the page I see them. Maybe some kind of cache issue on my side, but it happens on my phone and computer.
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It is happening to me too. I have to refresh when I go to any of the sub-forums.
I just lost a very lengthy reply to a PM conversation post I made. Forum must not be saving draft properly either, as I can get none of it back so far as I can see.
Wow it just posted the PM I typed up but only after I went to that conversation and hit F5. Weird!
Wiscwhip: Trying pressing F5 or click the refresh icon on your browser to refresh the page you expect to see your draft...
Yup that worked, but I keep having to log back in every few minutes or so.
Yep, me too! Anyone let John know?
Me too. I thought my "land tour" was rejected because I wrote about ZZ Smith. :)
Here also, thought it was just me for a little.