5 year old buck +
I have 72 dco outside, last night replanting them from 18 cell to 1gal rm. The problem is even with second flush, only 1 had full roots. The problem seems to be too much of mother natures wettness. That is why transplanting them earlier at the farm, did not want to hand water them. GEEZ who would have thunk?
Yep, its been a different year compared to the last few. I planted 10 DCO on my place last spring and they all made it through this past winter, I was impressed. I have mine in Tubes but was thinking of pulling them off. Do deer browse the leaves/branches of DCO's or can I let them go unprotected?

Wildfire, did you start all of yours from seed? I'm thinking of planting a long strip of them on my property so I'm thinking of trying seeds. What was your experience with growing them from seed? When did you start yours and when do you think you will have them in the ground?

Also, has anybody just tried to direct seeding them in their permanent location?
started from seed, fairly easy, march, september.
They definitely dont like wet feet. I have 3 that were started from seed last spring that are looking relly nice they are growing on really good soil. Some others on poorer soil dont look nearly as good.
Deer eat the crap out of them.
With 12" rain in May and over 10" in June, with my DCOs outside. may have had much water. The ones overwintered outside only 4 of 15 made it. Whe digging them out this spring, there was 2" water in the bottom of the holes from the 1 gal RM.