day pics of my number one buck the rutser


5 year old buck +

Was out this morning and saw a nice 3 year old 10 pt. Last Thursday I went to the bottom of hill on the backside of my property and hung a cam over a huge scrape. Its a logging road on a low saddle and as you see in pics. I have never hunted it. I knew Thursday I should have put a stand up. My number one buck has been there shooting hours 3 out of last 4 days. Putting stand up tomorrow, its a little hard to access but I think worth it. Two other daytime bucks have been hitting it also. Scoot
Now all you need is to see him while your in the tree. Good luck.
That's a brute
A big WOW on him. Hope you nail him!!
Aim small and let his air out
Good luck. I hope you get him. Nice picture with the barn in the background.
Bucks like that are what we dream of seeing while in a tree stand. Nice pix. Time to puncture !!! Good luck.