Dang it !!!


5 year old buck +
Out getting some tractor time in getting the plots bushhogged and cleaned up. Got a lot done and then broke a weld on the bushhog

At least I got most of the plots cleaned up. I only have about 2 hour or so left to do.
I can unbolt the upright 3 point hitch bar and get it welded and bring it back with me.
I was wishing that when I come back in two weeks to have all of the plots cleaned and ready to plant.

I have about learned that working with tractors and implements that something unexpected
Will happen to spoil your plans often enough.

Think I'm fixing to go hang a couple stands and trim some shooting lanes.
It seems to always be something, don't feel like it's just you. It happens to me all the time too, we were do hay earlier this summer and the spindle broke off the front wheel. had to borrow a tractor to finish with. Good luck!
Since we had a change of plans, I hung a stand and cut some shooting lanes.

I also found some rotten boards that needed replacing and I had the wood on hand to fix it. It's nice to keep some extra boards on hand in the barn for times like these! Got to keep the camp house up.
At least i had time to fix it.
yeah...I always figure going into any habitat work that there is at least a 20% chance something won't work or will break down. I've drove all the way to WC IL twice now to put in a new access road with a dozer, among other things. The first time I must have hit the key with my knee (didn't even feel it, so I can't swear that was the case). Key broke off completely inside the ignition and couldn't figure out a work around. So, return last week and 4 bolts sheer off of the cast iron cup that holds the back of the blade to a pivot ball (controlling right and left tilt of blade). Found every part and it will cost the price of 4 new bolts to fix, but out of commission for another week again. That's a bad string, but the risk of playing in the dirt