Cover crop necessary?

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Tenatively planning on planting a small kill plot around September 1. A mix of ladio white clover, med. red clover and chicory. Anyone feel a cover crop of oats would be a plus or minus?

How about adding some rye along with some oats. I would think the clover would need something while it gets established.
I would recommend a cover crop, nurse crop, of oats or preferably winter rye, because the clover you are planting will not amount to much until next spring. The cover crop will provide some forage and an attractant to your plot this fall. Next year the rye will die off leaving what should be a great stand of clover and chicory.
Cover crop of oats and rye will be a huge plus IMO. Something green in the plot for the deer to eat this fall while cloverlings get established, oats will die with frost, but rye will continue to grow and be the first green the deer have next spring. Then as the rye takes off in spring, it will further protect your young clover from browse pressure until it can withstand it on it's own. Mow or spray the rye with cleth to terminate it and release the clover. Or you could just let the rye mature and drop seed to get a volunteer crop of free rye the next summer, but that is another story.
I have to agree with whip.
That is way too late for a good clover plot. Winter Rye or Winter Wheat is ok that late, but a late summer plot of clover in early July will develop into an acceptable clover plot come fall. Granted I do not know what state you are in but for Minnesota you got to have that clover in earlier for a good plot.
I think cover crops are not worth it for clover. I get nice clean stands without them all the times.
I too would go with a cover crop. I have good luck with oats and clover first part of Aug. In Mn.
I am in southern Nebraska. Planting anything here in July or August is a waste of time and money unless it is irrigated. I know the oats will winter kill here, it is planted regularly around here for various purposes. I am just not familar with rye as it is not grown around here. Winter wheat is probably a comparable crop here to rye. Oats would definitely be cheaper. Dont care much about any green up other than the clover and chicory come spring. Our deer densities are currently low.
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Use a cover crop with your fall plots. If you want some food for the spring and something green real early go with winter rye but if no need for the greens in early spring oats will do just fine.
I am further south and we use oats and rye. Works awesome. Wouldn't hurt to throw some crimson clover in there too.