Columnar apple varieties


5 year old buck +
Does anyone have any experience growing these? I can across it last night and spent some time researching it. It started with the McIntosh Wijcik mutation which was a dwarf with no side limbs. It gets short spurs on the trunk where the leaves and apples form. These are marketed as low maintenance backyard and container trees on dwarf stock from Stark and others. There are not many varieties avaliable and most are patented. There is much research, especially in Eastern Europe, and patent activity. They cross a columnar variety with a variety of interest and then study any seedlings that have columnar growth.

I was wondering how these would do on B118 or antonovka rootstock. I found a short study from Latvia that looked at these on various rootstocks for a couple years after grafting. The B118 and antonovka were the tallest after 2 years. B118 tended to give side limbs while antonovka stayed more columnar.

These could be useful if they got tall enough on fullsize rootstock that some apples would be out of deer reach. You could plant them close together to get a variety in a small area on 6ft spacing instead of 20-30ft for normal full size trees.